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Full movie .A female black bear was captured on video sitting on a family’s picnic table in West Boylston, Mass., on Sunday. Local news outlet WCVB first reported on the sighting, according to Motherboard. The footage, posted on the West Boylston Police Department Facebook page on Sunday, shows the bear sitting near the picnic table’s cooler and chairs. The bear is seen digging around in the cooler for food before sitting down on the table. ADVERTISEMENT The cameraman asks the bear several times if it wants something to eat, and the bear is seen looking up at the camera before sitting down and eating the food, according to Motherboard. The bear also licks a box that was on the table, and appears to be eating all of the condiments from the sandwich on the table. After sitting for a few seconds, the bear gets up from the table and walks away. The video ends as the bear walks away. Motherboard reported that the bear was captured by police after a mother of three reported the sighting to police. The outlet noted that the woman told the police that she regularly feeds the bear, so the bear had no reason to not eat her food. A West Boylston police spokesperson told the outlet that they do not know if the bear had a history of trouble with humans.Q: Trying to write a mysql SELECT query using an array of IDs in PHP Basically I have an array of IDs I want to select from the database. The code I'm using: $keys = array("1,3,6,7,9,15"); $query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE `ID` IN (".implode(", ", $keys).")"; The query output is: SELECT * FROM table WHERE `ID` IN (1,3,6,7,9,15) But I want the output to be like so: SELECT * FROM table WHERE `ID` IN ("1","3","6","7","9","15") How would I go about doing this? A: $ids = explode(',', $keys); $query = "SELECT * FROM table WHERE `ID` IN ('".implode("','", $ids).")"; --- title: DrawerApp.Children Property (Visio)




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Ls Magazine 1 Sweet Things 18.rar

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